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The Law Offices of Suzanne Schachter offers years of experience and dedication to select clients who desire individual attention and want to feel confident in their choice of lawyer.

We strive to create lasting relationships in providing advice and drafting to avoid unnecessary disputes. When problems arise, we assist in various forms of dispute resolution with the goal of avoiding court intervention. However, when litigation is necessary, we are ready and able to represent the interests of individuals and businesses both in the trial and appellate courts.




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Areas of Practice


The end of a marriage is a difficult time for a family. We assist clients in the dissolution of a marriage as a whole, which may include the division of assets, debts, child issues and support. While our firm strongly believes in the mediation and resolution of cases, we are fully prepared to represent client interests in court if need be. 


Adoption in the state of Florida is a very specific process. It requires a close attention to detail and mindfulness of the sensitive nature of the proceeding. Adoptions can be done with or without parental consent depending on the facts. A termination of parental rights proceeding may be appropriate if parental consent cannot be obtained. 

Other areas of practice 

  • Domestic Violence                                       
  • Alimony/spousal support                                       
  • Modification                                                     
  • Relocation

CHILD CUSTODY/Time-sharing

No area of the law requires more understanding and guidance than that pertaining to minor children. A parent is entitled to time with their children and play a role in raising those children. Although some parents are not able to live together any longer, it doesn't make him/her any less important in their child's life. As such, you need a lawyer who is well versed in time-sharing issues to help advocate for your rights as a parent. It is important to have a lawyer who can relate and explain the applicable laws to your specific needs as a family. 

prenuptial agreements

Oftentimes parties wish to secure their interests prior to entering into a marriage. The drafting of a prenuptial agreement is an artful process which must be done properly and pursuant to the specific laws governing prenuptial agreements. 


Children may be born to unwed parents and it is important to understand the law relating to these matters. Just because parents are not married does not make them any less entitled to time with their children. The issue of child support is a basic right which belongs to the child. Each child is entitled to support from his/her parent based on the parents' net income, overnight time-sharing as well as other factors. 


Civil litigation involves a vast array of issues arising out of all areas of the law. These matters include, but are not limited to, debt collection, personal injury matters, contract disputes and real property disputes. 


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